Name: Aukan
Race: Goliath
Class: RageBlood Barbarian
Paragon Path: Calm Fury
Level: 16
Specialization: Massive damage.
Height: 8’2"
Weight: 370lb

BIO: Aukan is the pride of his tribe, his prowess in battle is unmatched by any of his kind. Despite his peoples pleas, he refused to take over as the chief until the current chief, his father, steps down or dies. Such respect for his elders just elevates him ever further in the eyes of his tribe… and he knows this very well. he picked up his first axe at the age of 3, and killed his first foe by 5. at the age of 15, he led an attack against the strongest tribe in the region, their leader known to have the Reapers Axe, a coveted blade for all barbarians. so with a party thought too few with a leader too young, he stormed the village and slew them all, not loosing a single brother. when he came back and presented the Reapers Axe to the Chief, He was named the leader of his armies and 1st general of the Chief. The entire tribe had a celebration that lasted a week in honor of his victory. So now when he isnt fighting for his tribe, he searches for the rest of the reapers array, as to become the ultimate killer.

Reaper’s Execution Axe
Reaper’s Helm
Crimson Cloak
Head takers Belt
Gauntlets of Brutality
StoneBorn Warplate Armor
Bloodsoaked Bracers
Earthreaver Stompers

Gold 8,500


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